ME - Milestone Enterprise is the pioneers in organizing Photography Tours in India
Milestone Enterprise “a standard, dynamic team with a big focus on customer service and results,” has been providing the giant photography industry with expertise in photography education to the participants and brand penetration activities for the product companies for a decade now. Run by Mohini Nakhwa and Vinayak Pawaskar, Milestone Enterprise can claim credit for some of the first’s, best result oriented and most effective workshops and phototours for photography product related companies and organizations. A visit to their site ( leads into a portfolio of events conducted. It becomes clear rather quickly that this dynamic team is not just another one of the thousands other event management companies that have sprung into existence in recent years. The phototours and workshops are invariably crisp, clear, easy to attend, cost effective and engaging for the participants. For the product company, Milestone not only designs the programmes and events, they also promote the event, the logistics are arranged for, provide enrolment services to the participant along with technical assistance and guidance regarding the products promoted and photography, another feather in their hat is the photography exhibition under the title of The Milestone National Photo Galleria a solo event to encourage the participants of the workshops & phototours, in the years to come you will further see some unique ventures by Milestone. ‘Imageutsav’ will be a memorable event for the community of photography enthusiasts. Beyond being specialists, they also work in other media and offer consultancy.

Milestone Enterprise was started by Ms. Nakhwa in 1999 with the help of her mentor Mr.Vinayak Pawaskar who was already an established photographer. Ms.Nakhwa further took up the photography course at J.J.Institute of Applied Arts. Her own requirements made her come up with various events. Pioneers of Phototourism , Milestone Enterprise to date is India’s only organized company providing services in all segments of Photography.

The entrepreneurial spirit along with his knack for marketing savvy led Mr.Pawaskar to find ways to furnish the demands of people at both ends. With an experience like this under his belt, it was not surprising that he would help start a unique venture like this. The mind of a business man and the soul of an artist was never going to work for anyone, but in this venture he has engaged himself completely.

It has been a fruitful venture. Ms. Nakhwa handles much of the nuts and bolts administrative duties and all of the composition work. Mr. Pawaskar is the master of Photography and marketing theory, and he does most of the teaching, guiding at the workshops. They throw their creative forces together to devise many of the advertising strategies and also share the on location duties, though Mr. Pawaskar handles this task for most of the activities. Whenever he produces the initial design, Ms. Nakhwa provides criticism and in some cases she manages to use her skills to make sure things are as per her visualization. Looking to the future, Milestone Enterprise intends to stay “a small, dynamic team.” Their formula has worked well and there are no plans to change it. As with any small business, the flow of work arrives in waves, but manageable ones—“Never really feast, and never really famine,” says Mr. Pawaskar. The rhythm is fine with him. The slow periods give him more time to pursue his independent projects, and when the work comes in, he looks forward to it, because of his belief in a quote of Thomas A.Edison “ Being busy does not always mean real work. The Object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing” also “Photography is an interesting subject”
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